Virtual Reality Fitness Game For PSVR

Workout With Your Headset

Slum Ball is a first ever photorealistic VR game. Just hit the ball and see where it can take you.

About Slum Ball VR

– photorealistic levels
– awesome tournaments
– fun combined with physical activity
– changing gameplay and physics

Four different gameplays:

– Smash water canisters in a sewer tunnel to get as many points as possible
– Crush flower pots all over the streets to collect points
– Smash the paintshop walls and paint them in a creative way
– Test your precision with balls and trash cans in photorealistic street levels
– At the end of each level, you need to survive a couple of surprises!

Do you want to feel something real?

A fun way to exercise and gain coordination without even realizing it!

Game introduction video

Newest technology

Slum Ball VR photorealistic levels were captured on an early morning in the Old Town of Estonians capital Tallinn on a street called Aida. It was captured with a FARO Focus S 70 laser scanner. The same technology used for creating 3D models for architecture, shipbuilding and restoration of historical sites. “We wanted to show the possibilities and what the future of VR could look like, when graphic cards become better and this technology becomes more widespread.”

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